Trisha the only daughter of the legendary tabla exponent Pt. Kumar Bose took birth in the year 1984. Through the nuances of music was profoundly ingrained in her, her voice training was initiated under the tutelage of her uncle Acharya Jayanta Bose. She was also guided by Sri Kalyan Chakroborty.

With the passage of time she became inclined towards Kirtan in which she was ably assisted by her mother Smt. Kaberi Bose. Soon her maturity in this field of rendering, manifested. She procured her M.A from Rabindra Bharati University. Lately she appeared in the inaugural ceremony of Ananda Utsav in London. The maiden item of the festival was Trisha’s Kirtan. Now she is equally adapt in devotional songs.

Her talent in composing songs and music was soon exposed. In 2009 a renowned musical organization Indo Occidental Symbiosis brought out debut musical album titled ‘ Pujor Gaan’ where the lyric and music was composed by Trisha herself.  In 2012 Trisha worked as a playback singer in a bengali mega serial named 'Nader Nimai',in the television media 'Sananda T.V '.

Academically she is not far behind. She completed her masters in Business Administration and became associated with different corporate tags. Her tenure with Jet Airways, APTECH needs mention.

Trisha’s popularity is spreading far and wide. And numerous connoisseurs are of the belief that she has a glowing future ahead of her.

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